Absolutely Everything You Need To Have The Most Profitable Valentines Day Ever!

Done For You


Many sellers break personal records during the Valentine's Day selling season.

This season I want you to be one of those sellers.

To make sure that happens I've teamed up with Rachel's team to create a done-for-you offer where she does all of the heavy lifting for you this season and getting an ROI on it is drop dead simple.

I've gone over absolutely everything in the above video in quite detail.

I've also compiled what I truly believe to be the biggest and most valuable bonus that I have ever offered.

Give the video above a watch from start to end as it explains everything you get. Then after that scroll down this page to get a summary of the offer and the incredible bonus package.

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All this incredible offer's details are below....

Here's What You Get In The Valentines Day DFY Jumpstart Program

V-Day Jumpstart Challenge (Value: $497.00)

  • Rachel breaks down everything needed to take advantage of V-day
  • Access to Low Hanging System course & FB Group
  • Spreadsheets to breakdown your V-day goals on and the action steps to hit them
  • Spreadsheets and documents to hand off to outsources to completely outsource everything
  • Access to all V-day weekly live trainings

Access To Rachel's Private Research Tool - Spot Niches - (Value: $497.00)

  • This software will find you the lowest of low hanging fruit for sales.
  • It's a PRIVATE tool of Rachel's and you will only be allowed access to it for the duration of this program.
  • Please watch the demo of it in the video up at the top of the page. I uncover plenty of easy to go after search terms in just the demo video.
  • This TRULY is Rachel's "Secret Weapon" due to just how well it works.

4 Weeks Of Live Group Coaching With Rachel Until Valentines Day (Value: $497.00)

  • Starts Jan 20th @ 2pm EST - UPDATE From Rachel: Will start 1 week earlier. You get 5 weeks.
  • Continues every week through V-day
  • Rachel does LASER focused coaching on these calls
  • Bring your products to the call and get reviews on your products directly from Rachel
  • Rachel share’s transparently what’s working for her... and what's not
  • Rachel will also update you on all of her V-day holiday designs and sales

Designs - 100 DFY Designs (Value: $500.00+)

  • Simple, text based designs in formats that are proven to sell
  • You can choose the markets/designs or you can choose to have it 100% hands-off and we will do everything for you including design research as part of this.
  • Easily repurpose all of your designs onto Travel Mugs, Metallic Mugs, Pillow Cases, etc and you'l have 1,000+ products from these designs.

5 Boxes Of White Mugs FREE On Us AND Sent To FBA For YOU! (Value: $891.00)

  • 36 Mugs Per Case
  • 5 Cases = 180 Mugs Total
  • Base Cost = $4.95
  • $4.95 X 180 = $891.00  (Real World Value Of The Hard Goods)
  • You can pick what designs you want for these or we can 100% do it for you keeping it hands off.

$100.00 In Order Credits (Value: $100.00)

  •  Can be used for anything. Mugs, shirts, necklaces, anything. 

As you can see. Absolutely everything is done for you. With this package you have everything that you need to have the most profitable Valentines Day ever!

Now, to make this offer even better I've compiled the biggest bonus that I have ever done.

Here's The Super Mega GearBubble Bonus!

V-day PPC Training Call From Don - Live Jan. 29th @ 2pm EST (Value: $197.00)

  • FB PPC Strategies For Selling Gifts 
  • Selling To Engaged, Married, and "In A Relationship" markets for V-day
  • Layering Professions w/Relationships For Max Sales
  • Running Video Ads For Photo Upload Mugs & Shirts
  • So Much More
  • Live QA


All Current GB 3rd Party Integrations - LIFETIME ACCESS (Value: $2,000.00+)

  • Amazon - Pro Level - LIFETIME ACCESS
  • Shopify/Dropship - Pro Level - LIFETIME ACCESS
  • Ebay - Pro Level - LIFETIME ACCESS

Now you'll never have to pay a fee to import an order or a monthly fee just for an integration. You'll be set for LIFE with these integrations.

FULL Box Of 36 Necklaces For FBA - Yes, I'm giving you $300 worth of necklaces as well. (Value: $297.00)

  • You can supply the design for this or an on-staff artist will make you one.
  • Perfect for selling around V-day
  • Normal Base Cost: $7.95
  • $7.95 X 36 = $286.20 (Real hard goods costs)

$100.00 In Order Credits (Value: $100.00)

  •  Can be used for anything. Mugs, shirts, necklaces, anything. 

FAST ACTION BONUS - FIRST 200 BUYERS ONLY : Unlimited Tier Access To AZ Shirt Integration - (Delivered Within 7 Business Days Of Purchase)

As we roll out the Amazon shirt integration we will have to tier access to it due to the sheer volume of sales it will produce. Right now is your chance to get unlimited tier access before the rest of the world get any access so you can scale and dominate all season.

  • Unlimited Shirt Tier Access
  • Access Within 7 Business Days Of Purchase
  • Early Access For All Valentine's Day Selling Season & More
  • Perfect For All Your DFY Designs - Simply Invert Them And You Have A Hot Selling Unisex Black Shirt
  • Shirt Integration Comes Natively In The AZ Integration You Have Lifetime Access To In This Package

As you can see this bonus package is over the top incredible.

With it you now have absolutely everything that you could need to have the most profitable Valentine's Day season you've ever had. Rachel's team is going to do all of the heavy lifting for you while she guides you along the way each and every week.

Click Here To Invest In Your DFY Package & Claim Your Super Mega GearBubble Bonus Package

Now obviously the package is valuable and the bonuses make it an incredible investment, but you might be thinking... how easily can I make a return on this?

Great question.

Let's do the math...

If you look at just the free mugs that you will get alone and nothing else.

You get 180 of them from Rachel.

If you sell them around the same price she does and recommends throughout the training you're going to be making about $11.20/mug in profit. That might vary up or down slightly depending on your pricing but it's pretty realistic.

180 X $11.20 = $2016.00

So if you just sell the free mugs that she gives you, you'll get a return.

Then if you sold the necklaces that's another $720 in profits.

Getting a return is pretty simple actually. And that's not even considering the credits, training, coaching, mastermind livestream, DFY designs, software, etc. All designed to help you succeed even more.

The value is there.

Getting a return is simple.

The bonus package is incredible and all of it's still available.

Now, all that's left to be done is for you to invest in the program and get started.

Click Here To Invest In Your DFY Package & Claim Your Super Mega GearBubble Bonus Package

Go ahead and click the link above to get started.

I look forward to helping you have the most profitable Valentine's Day and on-going 2018 ever.

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Here’s What To Do Now


Step 1) Invest in this program with the link on this page. Right HERE.
Step 2) Sign up for all of the live calls and download all the worksheets and everything that is on the TY page
Step 3) Send your receipt to seller@gearbubble.com so we can add your credits and activate all of your integrations (48 business hours max)
Then the team will IMMEDIATELY start working on your designs & program deliverables.



Q: I have no experience with AZ – can I still do well with this package

A: The short version is yes. The longer version is that I have some quick-start material (included as part of this package) that I'd like you to go through first. It will take you less than 90 minutes to go through and will give you an excellent foundation to make the most of this program.


Q: Will I make my investment back?

A: I feel VERY confident that you can make your investment back from this. I wouldn't offer it if I didn't. I guarantee I'll deliver on what I promise, that you're getting a great value, that it's designed for you to make a return on investment... but some of this depends on variables I can't control - a big one of them being, you. :)

Here's the math...

After costs and fees selling a $19.95 mug you’ll make about $11.25/unit in profits – here’s the math on just the FREE mugs we’ve included $11.25 X 180 Mugs = $2016.00 (ROI on just the mugs!) Then add the necklaces that are about $20/unit in margin depending on how you price it : $20 X 36 = $720.00

Then there's the designs, the software, jumpstart program and weekly laser coaching, mastermind livestream, credits, etc, all included to enhance your ROI drastically beyond just the hard goods included.


Q: What kinds of designs will I get?

A: Text based designs sell the best on marketplaces so that’s what you’ll receive


Q: Will multiple people get the same designs?

A: You'll be getting 100 completely unique designs. We might use a similar phrase on another niched gift item if 2 people request it, but nobody will have the same design.


Q: How Much Time Will I Need?

A: The amount of time you spend on this will really be up to you. You can make your money back with the free mugs and designs, then guilt-free ignore everything else because you've made a return on investment. Or you can show up to every live call, the mastermind livestream, and ask questions directly to Rachel and Don and get the most out of it.


Q: Are there refunds on this program?

A: No. Since we have hard costs involved with the designs and mug materials we can’t accept refunds on this program.


Q: Is this 100% Done For You?

A: No. There are some elements that are given to you (the designs, mugs sent to Amazon for you) - but other elements, like watching videos, going on webinars, etc - will obviously need your involvement.


Q: Does this work for international sellers?

A: Yes. This works great for sellers all around the world.


Q: Is there an upsell?

A: No. Everything you need is in just this offer.